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06/10/2010 - ReUse conference
Conference Book 2010

05/07/2012 - ReUse conference
Invitation Reuse Conference 2012

18/09/2012 - ReUse conference
Press release ReUse Conference 2012

18/09/2012 - ReUse conference
Presentations ReUse Conference 2012

18/09/2012 - ReUse conference
Conference Book 2012

31/07/2015 - ReUse conference
Conference Book 2015

General Assembly

The CEGROBB General Assembly meets once a year. The last General Assembly took place on May 22th 2015 in Milano (Italy) and the next meeting will take place in Germany. Representatives of the national federations attend the General Assembly. Subjects that are discussed are, for example, packaging & environment, alcohol legislation, harmonization of taxes and competition policy.

Working committees

CEGROBB has working committees which focus on topical subjects such as packaging & environment and alcohol regulation.

ReUse conference

CEGROBB organised 5 conferences on the ReUse of Beverage packaging in Europe.
The lengthy discussion leading to an agreement on the Waste Framework Directive has shed light on the importance of keeping a strict five-level waste hierarchy in Europe. This hierarchy explicitly states what has been recognized for a long time: that re-use is one of the best options for saving resources and ensuring a sound, long-term, waste management policy. Re-use is also a climate-friendly alternative to recycling, energy recovery and landfilling. Paradoxically, measures promoting re-use across Europe are either nonexistent or under attack.
Against this background, our conferences look specifically at the case of reusable beverage packaging systems that do exist in many EU Member States, and show examples of re-usable beverage packaging that maintain environmental, social and economical sustainability.